Taekwondo for Men & Women

Golden Dragon Adult Program
This modern life style creates non-stop obligations with your kids, family, and work. You never have a time for yourself. Many times as people get older most people start thinking, “I am not able to do this because I am getting old… I used to be athletic… I wish I can do that,” etc.

Mindsets like these create a negative attitude & even accelerate your aging process. There are no age limits to practice Taekwondo. Through the years our body loses flexibility, becomes clumsier, and we begin to develop a low immune system. Our Taekwondo program will restore your body and mind energy, create a positive attitude, and you will feel rejuvenated after a while that even your family & friends will notice and respect.
Improve flexibility
Weight control
Increase strength & energy
Learn self defence
Release stress and tension
Build self confidence
Build inner strength & peace
Agile Body
Positive attitude
Peaceful Mind