Today’s busy lifestyle makes it very difficult to manage our time between business, school, meetings, friends, etc. Our family program will give you the opportunity for all of your family to enjoy these excellence martial arts, through this class all of your family can share the same challenges together. This will be a way for you and your family to have fun together.

Communication is always a challenge once your children reach their teens, but our family program will offer the following benefits:

Respect each other
Open communication skill
Mutual goals to pursue as a family
Consideration for each other
Save time for family activity

Healthy life style
Family cooperation
Having fun together
• Better understanding each other
• Save tuition


“Master Seo is one of the best people I know. He really encourages every person to be strong and to be proud of who they are. And he puts so much energy in to each individual. It’s just a wonderful place for us to grow as a family. Golden Dragon Taekwondo provided us an opportunity to become more fit, live a healthier lifestyle and just get more out of life.”
~Cindie & Aaron Milford