Little Golden Dragons Program (4-5 years old)

Our Little Golden Dragon class is great for young children to start understanding balance, kick & punch movements. At this age a child’s brain is very powerful and absorbs knowledge very quickly. The muscle memory obtained at this age will be retained for the rest of their life. This is the right time to begin basic their Martial Arts skills. They will start understand the body movement, discipline, focus, courage, etc..

We also teach how to protect our children from life’s dangers.

Our Golden Dragon Taekwondo curriculum helps to instill many traits of character like courage, confidence, positive attitude, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit. When your child starts to understand the philosophy of Taekwondo you will see in their eyes very powerful spirit compared to others who have not experienced the knowledge of this potent Korean Martial Art right training.

911 phone skill
Fire Safety
Stranger Danger
First Aid
Self Defense
Drug Awareness

Our Golden Dragon class is very different than most other Martial Art schools in Tulsa. Your child will gain a strong, healthy body through our exciting program. They will learn stylish kicking and punching from an original Korean technique. While having fun, we will mold your child to have discipline and a strong mind through this Taekwondo training.


Build winning habits
Eliminate negative attitude & habits
Improve discipline & self confidence
Remedy concentration problems & low grade
Control weight
Improve self confidence
Build fighters courage

There will be ups and downs for your child during our training. They will have times of great fun and laughter and there may be times when they are brought to tears. We believe crying is a natural expression of emotion and is brought on when a child does not know how to handle a situation. We teach the child perseverance and how to find solutions to their problems. We train them to focus on the solution to the problem and how to find a resolution. This gives the child a great sense of accomplishment and teaches them how to be a winner not only in Taekwondo but also in life.


We understand the pressure of being a teenager.
This program will focus on:

Asian philosophy
Drug Awareness
Ability to Focus

Healthy Body
Martial Art Skill
Inner Peace
Mind Control
Emotion Control

They will hang out with friends and meet new people in the class. They will have many chances to be in Taekwondo exhibitions & demonstration programs. They will have the chance to challenge themselves in front of people during presentations. This will give them the opportunity to improve on their self- confidence. Also through our local, national and international tournament program they will learn how to face new challenges, including the true meaning of the wining and losing experience. Through these programs they will be able to use their teenage energy to prepare to become strong adults in the near future.


“We love this place very much. My son Ethan comes to training every day and we treat Golden Dragon Taekwondo as our second home. Since changing Taekwondo schools to Golden Dragon, Ethan has achieved 2 silver medals at the National Championships, 2 sliver medals at the Pan America International Championships, and a finalist at the U.S. Open.”
~ Kenneth Sen (and his son Ethan Sen)