The Olympic class is for those students that are green belt or higher who are interested in training for international tournaments like the Olympics or the U.S. Open. The training will challenge the students individual stamina and speed, as well as testing their sparring ability.

Students who are interested in joining the Olympic class are required to have an eagerness to work hard and an openness to learning.The training will push the student to the peak of their physical ability and is only meant for those who are serious about their growth as a Taekwondo athlete.


“We love this place very much. My son Ethan comes to training every day and we treat Golden Dragon Taekwondo as our second home. Since changing Taekwondo schools to Golden Dragon, Ethan has achieved 2 silver medals at the National Championships, 2 sliver medals at the Pan America International Championships, and a finalist at the U.S. Open.”
~ Kenneth Sen (and his son Ethan Sen)