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  • Incredible instructors and very family friendly! Their program has changed my son tremendously.

    Shawna Hight Avatar
    Shawna Hight

    It is the most comfortable place for exercise every body are so friendly most important thing before I join private... read more

    Suzanne Ahmady Avatar
    Suzanne Ahmady

    Master Seo and his staff are the best in the business! Exceptional at working with children and young... read more

    Stephen Fater Avatar
    Stephen Fater
  • Real Korean Masters teaching authentic Taekwondo, and all the staff are really kind & polite. The school is also very... read more

    Noah Park Avatar
    Noah Park

    Master Sohn, Instructor Evan, and all junior instructors do an awesome job teaching taekwondo. It is good exercise and... read more

    David B Avatar
    David B

    I joined the Golden Dragon Family 2 months ago. I can’t say enough about them. Master Seo is in a... read more

    Tiffany Boncaldo Avatar
    Tiffany Boncaldo
  • Both of my sons love Golden Dragon. It’s like a 2nd home for my sons. My 5 year old is... read more

    Patricia Jones Avatar
    Patricia Jones

    I have been a student at Golden Dragon for around 4 years and I have been consistently impressed by each... read more

    Bologna Sammich Avatar
    Bologna Sammich

    I have taken the ladies class for years and it has taught me so much! Since I’ve done Taekwondo I... read more

    Erica Silverstein Avatar
    Erica Silverstein

WEIGHT LOSS “I have worked out my entire life. I have gone to gyms.
I’ve had private trainers. I have run in the mornings.
I lifted weights. And I was never able to lose weight.
I was always 15 or 20 pounds (or if you ask Master Seo 30 pounds)
over weight. After we began working out just twice a week
within just 90 days I lost 20 pounds. I feel much more healthy.
I feel much stronger. I just feel better about my self. So I think
Golden Dragon Taekwondo can make a tremendous difference
in your life just the way it has mine.”
~ Sean Kouplen, Chairman & CEO Regent Bank
“I was tired of being in pain and not being able to
move or workout. I have been training with Master Seo
at Golden Dragon Taekwondo now for 2 years. Today
I am very active, my back is very strong, and I have
a grand child that I am able to hold and carry. If you
need to develop your core or your back I highly
recommend coming here.”
~ Cheryl Emami
“Master Seo has benefited me in all aspects of my life both mentally and physically.”
~ Dr. John Main, DO Neurosurgeon
“Golden Dragon Taekwondo has really changed my life. My blood pressure
is lower. I’ve lost weight. I have great stamina now, and I’m very happy with
my decision to Join.”
~ Teresa Wilson, Owasso, OK
“I just love it here. I’m a mom, a stay at home mom in fact. I just love that when
I come here all my worries go out the door. I am focused. I have goals that are
set for me and I set for my self. I like to be a good legacy for my children and
I believe health is very important and so they can follow in those footsteps too.”
~ Becky Whitted
FUN FAMILY ACTIVITY “My wife and I were looking for something we could do together as a family. We were looking for
an activity that promoted wellness and a good quality of life. Today I’ve lost over 20 pounds. I have
more energy than I’ve had in years and I am more flexible. But the greatest gift Master Seo has
provided our family is the impact he has had on our children. Our shy daughters are more confident.
Our sons are more respectful. And we love learning Taekwondo together as a family!”
~ The Whistler Family (9 Future Black Belts), Whistler Outdoor Advertising
“Master Seo is one of the best people I know. He really encourages every person
to be strong and to be proud of who they are. And he puts so much energy in
to each individual. It’s just a wonderful place for us to grow as a family.
Golden Dragon Taekwondo provided us an opportunity to become more fit,
live a healthier lifestyle and just get more out of life.”
~ Cindie & Aaron Milford
“We love this place very much. My son Ethan comes to training every day and we treat
Golden Dragon Taekwondo as our second home. Since changing Taekwondo schools to
Golden Dragon, Ethan has achieved 2 silver medals at the National Championships,
2 sliver medals at the Pan America International Championships, and a finalist at the U.S. Open.”
~ Kenneth Sen (and his son Ethan Sen)
Ethan Sen’s accomplishments
4 Gold @ National Championships.
2 bronze @ International Competitions