Each family has its own way to educate their Child, but since the day your child was born you are focusing on giving it your love and your best effort to support your Child. Sometimes due to a routine or family relationship it is very hard to create the right balance in your child’s discipline including courage, confidence, positive attitude, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit. Sometimes you know that you are not covering all these areas for your Child but you don’t know how to change or where to start. There is more to raising a child than creating the loving experience.

Our Golden Dragon Taekwondo education provides for girls and boys to be stronger to face their future life challenges.
We care about every single student’s needs and issues. Our education is based on thousands of years of traditional Taekwondo Eastern philosophy, and we provide a very powerful physical and psychological Taekwondo training.

Through our Taekwondo class your Child will gain a strong healthy body and learn stylish kicking and punching from original Korean technique through a fun and exciting program. Best of all at the same time we will mold your child to have discipline and a strong mind through this Taekwondo training.

There will be ups and downs for your child during our training. They will have times of great fun and laughter and there may be times when they are brought to tears. We believe crying is a natural expression of emotion and is brought on when I child does not know how to handle a situation. We teach the child perseverance and how to find solutions to their problems. We train them to focus on the solution to the problem and how to find a resolution. This gives the child a great sense of accomplishment and teaches them how to be a winner not only in Taekwondo but also in life.

When your child starts to understand the philosophy of Taekwondo you will see in their eyes very powerful spirit compared to others who have not experienced the knowledge of this potent Korean Martial Art right training.
Our Golden Dragon class is very different than most other Martial Art schools in Tulsa.

Technique: if you understand Martial Arts you will notice the difference of techniques just by watching our class. You will experience from our Master Seo the highest level of perfection in Taekwondo technique.
Other Martial Art school’s focus on fun only, nice and easy, but the Golden Dragon classes offer challenges to become a stronger person every time.
We are not planning for a short moment of teaching. Our goal is to bring each generation of children to the level of junior Olympic champions and if possible to the International Olympic Games