Our sessions are primarily Taekwondo based and include the traditional elements, but such is the need for continual improvement and development. We combine styles and techniques from many other sources.

The traditional class is designed for any age group, families, and people with different conditions of health may join the class.

This class focuses on:

Taekwondo Techniques.
Self Defence.
Fall Technique.
Street fight technique.
Ground fighting
Choking, Holding, Arm locking technique,

Free style techniques
Stretch & Flexibility
Breaking skill.
Exhibition Technique

Through this class we offer something for almost everyone – fitness, flexibility, social elements, etc… It is equally suitable for males and females of all ages. In addition, our class is very important promoting the development of self confidence, mental sharpness, stress control, agility and a strong body.


1980, W.T.F. Taekwondo was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) and became a demonstration sport at the Olympics in 1988. In the year 2000 Taekwondo made its debut as an official Olympic sport.
Our Olympic style Taekwondo class focuses on developing sparring skills with hard training. Each class drives our students to the edge of extreme challenge.
Every year we will attend many different tournaments, starting with local events progressing to National & International tournaments including the Junior Olympic qualifications and ultimately the international Olympic Games


Junior Olympic Championships
National Qualifiers
Senior Nationals

U.S. Open
Texas Cup
Poomsae National Team Trials
Oklahoma State Game


Olympic Games
Summer World University Games

World Junior Championships
World Taekwondo Championship

Our Tulsa school students will have a good opportunity to learn and experience updated Olympic style training skills from Master Seo¡¯s years of knowledge in Taekwondo coming from the heart of Taekwondo, South Korea. He has been a Korean National Taekwondo athlete honing his skills. You will be able to draw from his updated Taekwondo sparring technique and updated training programs. Through his training you will learn the most powerful updated Taekwondo technique available.

This class is good for all ages. Most Taekwondo championships have all different age groups (from 5 to 80 years old)

Taekwondo is not about winning or losing at the Championships, but the students are encouraged to set goals and practice hard to achieve them. Through this process students improve there skills and can reach a high level of Martial Arts.
We are not only teaching physical sparring skills. Taekwondo tournaments require powerful mental energy and mind power. We believe that in many cases our life challenges are very similar to tournament situations. A Taekwondo Champion will be a Champion of their personal life.

We guarantee you that through this training you or your child will be able to face any kind of situation in your life & you will feel like the strongest person on earth.

Warning: this is an intensive training program. Students with heart problems must consult a physician before signing up.